Nestled against the quaint waterfront of Wickford Village, The Wickford Collection’s storefront is picturesque inside and out – a reflection of the work and services we do for our customers day in and day out. 

The store, The Wickford Collection, is located in Wickford, Rhode Island (RI).

Inside our store, you’ll find a cozy and welcoming array of home furnishings – each with its own unique character. From tables to armoires to rugs to repurposed windows to candles, our inventory boasts a variety of styles for a variety of functions. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for designing a room or an entire home, or if you’re on the hunt for a holiday or housewarming gift, The Wickford Collection has something for any occasion. 

Deb Aaron has hand selected each and every item in the shop. Our products are high quality, but affordable. They’re unusual and unique, but not gimmicky. Each picture frame, lamp, armchair or curtain can easily become the next conversation piece or focal point in your home. 

The outside is just as indicative of our style and quality of work as the inside of our store. Toby Aaron has specially designed the shop’s garden and exterior with both the store’s interior and the natural landscape of Wickford Village in mind. The garden has become such a focal point that the Aarons have hosted numerous fundraisers and events, including their own wedding, in the backyard of the shop.

Whether you’re looking for interior design, exterior design or both, the staff at The Wickford Collection is eager and willing to help. Our business may be home design, but we’re really all about people. 

Lamps, wall hangings, decorations and gifts are just some of the things you can find in the store, The Wickford Collection